Tank is a term that allows to name the battle tanks or armored attack vehicles. The concept comes from English tank, which was a codename created by the British when, in 1915, they built the first of these cars.

TankThe tanks can be traction by wheels or by means of the crawler system (modular links that facilitate movement on uneven terrain). Thanks to its shielding and the power of its weapons, tanks are used to engage the enemy by direct fire.

In addition to all the above, it should not be overlooked the fact that tanks are also equipped with other systems that make them powerful tools for warfare. Thus, they have smoke grenade launchers, laser-type alerts, radars and radio alerts. All this without forgetting, of course, the periscopes that have become a fundamental instrument for its operation.

The soldiers who are in charge of manning any combat tank of this type must wear, in a regulatory manner, appropriate clothing for it. Specifically, it is essential that they have a bulletproof vest and helmet to protect their integrity when they have to remove the body from the hatch to carry out a reconnaissance of the terrain.

These vehicles are one of the fundamental factors when it comes to obtaining a military victory. However, mines, military aviation and artillery are in a position to damage tanks.

The use of tanks began in the First World War, when they were used in the framework of the Trench war. Over time, its presence was gaining importance until it became the key to any military outpost.

For instance: “The Iraqi insurgency managed to destroy a US tank and take its crew hostage”, “A Soviet tank destroyed the bridge and left the people incommunicado for eight years”, “Some politicians believe that the solution to conflicts is in the use of tanks”.

Tank, in another sense, is a large container or reservoir used to hold liquids or gases: “I have a problem in the water tank”, “I’m going to lend you the car, but you have to return it to me with a full tank of fuel”, “The explosion of a gas tank caused the death of four people”.

Also, very much in relation to this last meaning, we have to state that in the field of the Navy sector it is common to use the term tank as a synonym for cistern. That is, it is used to refer to a vessel whose clear objective is to carry out what is the transport of fresh water.

However, in other parts of the world, the word in question is used with other meanings. So much so that, for example, in Cuba they also speak of a tank to refer to what a prison is. And all this without forgetting that in nations such as Argentina, Uruguay and El Salvador that is used as a synonym for the gasoline tank that cars and other vehicles with similar characteristics have.

The stout or sturdy peopleFinally, they are also known as tanks: “Be careful with the striker of the rival team: he is a tank”.