The first thing we are going to do in order to fully delve into the meaning of the term taciturn is nothing more than knowing its etymological origin. In this sense, we can state that it derives from Latin, specifically from the word “taciturnus”, which derives from the verb “tacere”, which can be translated as “silence”.

Taciturn it’s a adjective that refers to the person of few words or what suffers some regret. The concept can be understood as the opposite of loquacity, self-confidence or verbiage.

TaciturnFor instance: “I don’t trust Osvaldo: he’s a taciturn man, who doesn’t talk to anyone”, “I have been morose for several days since I still cannot assimilate the novelty”, “The old man, taciturn, hardly answered in monosyllables the questions of the strangers”.

Suppose that an actor, every time he appears in public, is removed from the noise. Crestfallen, this figure prefers not to speak to journalists or maintain contact with people. He even refuses to take pictures with his fans or sign autographs. Faced with these attitudes, it is possible that press define the actor as taciturn.

The fact of being taciturn can be linked to the personality of an individual or some extraordinary event. A cheerful and talkative young man may be taciturn for several days due to a medical study that has to be carried out. As this study is of great concern to you, your attitude usual changes. Once he has passed the study and the results reassure him, the boy stops being taciturn and regains his enthusiasm.

William of Orange-Nassau (15331584), better known as William the Taciturn, was a the prince from Orange who participated in the confrontation against the kings of Spain and led the fight that led to the call Eighty Years War. His life came to an end when he was killed by Balthasar Gérard.

To all of the above we can add that there are various cultural works that use the word we are dealing with in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the movie “Django, the taciturn.” It is an Italian film, released in 1968 and framed within the western genre.

It was directed by Massimo Pupillo and starred actors such as George Eastman, Luciano Rossi, Mimmo Maggio and Liana Orfei. It revolves around the figure of Bill Django who, after helping a caravan of settlers and a helpless woman whose husband has been killed by a smuggler, decides to go on a journey in search of a hidden mine that is considered to hold a lot of gold.

Within the area of ​​children’s and youth literature, for its part, we find books such as the one entitled “The fabulous chronicles of the taciturn mouse”, written by Martín Romero. It is a graphic novel that brings us closer to the figure of the protagonist who finds himself in need of having to face the separation from his parents. And to overcome it, he will go to the town where he will meet a unique neighbor who will allow him to discover new worlds.