A T shirt is a garment which is used for cover the trunk. It may be a inner or outer garment, according to him model.

T shirtIn general, a T-shirt lacks a collar and pockets and does not have buttons (Although some may have two or three buttons to enlarge the opening through which the head passes). The most common have short sleeves, but there are also long sleeves.

Known as t-shirts, t-shirts, poles or flannels Depending on the region and type of garment, T-shirts usually extend up to the waist. Anyway some female t-shirts leave the exposed belly button and others arrive almost until knees.

In the case of T-shirts that are part of the underwear, they are used as a coat and they lack prints or drawings. The shirts for outdoor use, on the other hand, display different images and can even be used to disseminate political proclamations or manifestos.

Among the most popular t-shirts can be found those with comic strip or cartoon characters (cartoons). Models with photographs of personalities What athletes or musicians.

The sports shirtsMeanwhile, they are used by footballers, basketball players and other athletes. It is common for supporters of the teams wear the same jerseys as professional athletes.

Take the case of soccer. The players of the Real Madrid, for example, wear a white t-shirt, while the t-shirt of the Barcelona Fc it is blue and scarlet. The t-shirt of the Manchester United, meanwhile, is red.