Is called systematization to the act and result of systematizing. This verb (to systematize), in turn, alludes to arrange something according to a system.

SystematizationTo understand what systematization is, therefore, one must first focus on the notion of system. This is what a set of ordered elements that are interrelated and that allow to achieve a certain target.

We can find the idea of ​​systematization in multiple areas. The systematization of experiences, to mention a case, helps to explain or describe a process. This means that, when ordering and classifying the experiences, knowledge can be generated that promote the understanding of an issue.

Systematization, in this way, contributes to the organization of experiences and facilitates their communication. In this framework, knowledge can be recovered, practices evaluated and even theorized.

When a collection of information, the systematization of the data is always possible. With this task you can see changes and understand how and why events occurred.

In the colloquial language systematization is understood as the registration, ordering and ranking of elements. A small business owner conducting a Organization chart To determine and delimit the responsibilities of each employee and the chain of command, for example, is resorting to systematization.

The same can be said of the student who must read three books for an exam and creates a file with the main concepts of each one. Thanks to this systematization, it favors the study and learning.