In Latin it is where we can establish that the etymological origin of the term syringe is found. Specifically, it emanates from the word “syringa”, which can be translated as “enema” or “syringe”. A Latin word that, in turn, emanates from the Greek term “syrinx”, which is synonymous with “tube” or “cane”.

It is called syringe to a device used to inject or withdraw fluid. East instrument is widely used in the field of medicine and the Nursing.

Among the words that can function as synonyms for syringe we find syringe, enema, cannula and even injection.

SyringeA syringe is made up of a tube that has a plunger inside. According to the movement that is carried out, it can push or suck a fluid. At its end, the syringe ends in a cannula where you can attach a hollow needle: in this way the instrument is used to introduce or remove liquid from the body of a person or an animal, for example.

Syringes are used to apply injections: this is the name of a fluid that is injected. Doctors and nurses can give medicine through injections, performing a pressure puncture with a needle and syringe.

It is important to know, in addition to all the above, that there are different types of syringes. Thus, among the most common and significant we find intradermal, intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous … Not forgetting that, in turn, within each class there are several models in terms of their capacity.

It is important to note that syringes and hypodermic needles must be sterile to minimize the risk of infection. Both products are individually packaged and discarded after use.

The calls infiltrations they also require the use of a syringe. In this case, the drug is injected into a nerve or a joint so that the drug acts directly on the injured area.

As in injections and infiltrations, a fluid is introduced into the body, the syringe is also useful in the reverse process, as in the blood draws. With a needle and a syringe, blood can be obtained from a vein or an artery and then analyzed in a laboratory and thus obtain information on various variables that allow a diagnosis to be made.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that the term syringe at hand is also used in the kitchen. Specifically, it refers to the syringe to make churros. This, as its name suggests, is a device larger than a medical syringe, but with the same operating system and the same way that is used to prepare the aforementioned churros that are taken with hot chocolate.

Specifically, the process consists of pouring the dough into the aforementioned syringe and then using the mechanism of that syringe, so that the dough comes out in the form of a churro and thus it can be fried in hot oil. This device is also known as a churrera.