The notion of sweetener is formed with verb sweeten and the suffix –Nte. To understand what the term refers to, therefore, it helps to look at these components.

Sweeten is often used with respect to the action of sweeten something through products such as sugar wave saccharin. It can also refer to alleviating something negative or to beautify something in a false way. Regarding the affix –Nte, allows to form active participles (deverbal adjectives), referring to the execution of the action expressed by the base.


Table sugar is the most widely used sweetener.

What is a sweetener

Sweetener can be used as adjective to qualify that which sweetens. As a noun, it refers to the substance used to sweeten.

Ultimately, a sweetener is used to make a food, drink, or medicine sweeter. Sweeteners are generally used when trying to mask or reverse a flavor unpleasant or bitter or sour.

The case of sugar

The table sugar or common sugar it is the best known sweetener. It’s about a carbohydrate Obtained from cane or beet which, in its pure state, is white.

Despite its widespread use throughout the world, sugar is detrimental to the Health if consumed in excess. When a person ingests high amounts of this sweetener, the risk of suffering from cavities, diabetes or obesity, for instance.


One of the most used natural sweeteners is honey.

Honey, another natural sweetener

Among natural sweeteners, the honey. This is what a viscous substance produced by bees to feed their young and to fill the combs.

The production of honey takes place in the stomach of the insect. There, the nectar that they draw from the flowers is transformed into honey, which is characterized by its sweet taste and its yellowish hue.

It is interesting to note that it is called black honey, cane honey, final honey or molasses to a product composed of waste that remain after the last crystallization of the sugar. Once you can no longer resort to physical procedures to obtain more sugar, molasses remains, which is also used as a sweetener.

The rise of stevia

In recent years the use of stevia, a plant that has a sweetener in the leaves that can replace sugar. Stevia is marketed in different presentations: the leaves can be used directly or processed in solid or liquid format.

The Guarani were pioneers in the use of this species as a sweetener. The swiss Moses Santiago Bertoni, when carrying out botanical studies in Paraguayan territory, he managed to identify the plant at the taxonomic level and named it Stevia as a tribute to the Spanish botanist Pedro Jaime Esteve.

Artificial sweeteners

It is called artificial sweetener to a synthetic product that is used to replace sugar, although it can be derived from the sugar itself or from another natural substance. They tend to have an extremely sweet taste and provide little calories, with which they are chosen by those who do not want to gain weight.

The saccharin, the sucralose and the aspartame they are well known synthetic sweeteners. Although they are sometimes considered to be potentially harmful to health, scientists They agree that, used in normal quantities, they do not cause serious inconvenience.