swagswag It is a concept that comes from Scottish slang (slang) and was used, in its origins, to name a a certain way of walking. With the weather, the term began to be used with reference to the way in which a person moves, moves and dresses.

Swag is usually associated with the way of walking of the artists and followers of the hip hop and from rap. The concept, in this way, is also linked to a specific clothing and a look that includes tattoos, accessories, etc. By extension, those who follow these precepts are known as swag.

Swags, therefore, can use pants roomy or tight fitting, tank tops, shirts, and athletic shoes or boots. They also complete their appearance with pendants, bracelets, earrings and a cap.

Puff Daddy, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Ludracis, 50 Cent and Justin Bieber are some of the artists classified as swag. Many of her fans, by imitating her dress and walking style, also adopted the swag. Besides the clothing, accessories and movements, the swag is completed with an arrogant and even quarrelsome and even violent attitude.

Delving further into the personality of an individual who can be qualified in this way, we can say that the security in oneself is one of the fundamental points of a swag. It is not about something forced, but about an authentic inner peace that allows you always be where you want to be, without paying attention to what they will say, without apparent rush.

Said security can also be understood as a very prominent self-esteem, since the swag person presents himself to the world as if he himself were a gift to others, giving them some time to enjoy their originality and their inner brilliance, something that not everyone can achieve. This is not only impossible to imitate, but it does not have an inherent qualitative trait: it is like this because swag feels like that, and the opinion of others does not matter. Needless to say, on the other hand, that this attitude it awakens negative feelings in a good portion of your environment.

swagOne of the most remarkable characteristics of swag is the relationship they have with your body, which is based on acceptance of one’s own beauty as one of the traits of individuality that no one should hide. As opposed to people obsessed with their appearance Physique and figure, who spend hours getting ready before going out and fear being seen under the wrong lights, a swag is happy to be who and how he is, in his own skin, although not without his aforementioned accessories.

There are a number of tips for adopting the swag style, as magic recipes for becoming a different kind of person in “three simple steps.” It goes without saying that it is not possible to transform into someone we are not, but the only case in which advice of this kind can be useful is to guide those who feel the authentic call towards this way of living and moving around the world, but still haven’t found the inspiration adequate.

This occurs with all other lifestyles, especially when associated with famous people, since many fans begin to almost unconsciously imitate their idols, and this results in a deformation of the originality very typical of the music industry.

The term swag can also be found as a denomination or name of various elements. SWAG may be the acronym that identifies consumers who usually purchase silver (“silver”), wine (“came”), art (“art”) and gold (“gold”). The notion also makes it possible to name a British television program, a novel written by Elmore leonard already an album by the American guitarist Gilby clarke.