The sushi is a meal traditional of Japan which is made from rice. It is a dish served in small portions that is usually eaten with wooden chopsticks.

SushiThe usual thing is that sushi, in addition to rice, includes seafood or fish. Sea fish are generally used uncooked in this preparation. It is also possible to use egg, vegetables and other ingredients.

There is a wide variety of options in sushi. The most popular is that which is made with an edible seaweed called nori: the rice and the rest of the ingredients are wrapped with the seaweed and rolled. In this case, we speak of makizushi or maki sushi.

The nigiri sushi or nigirizushi, on the other hand, it involves squeezing the rice as if it were a dough, until it is molded and given the desired shape. The oshizushi, the narezushi and the inarizushi are other types of sushi that are consumed on Japanese soil and in other parts of the world.

Beyond the ingredients used in making sushi, condiments and dressings are very important and define a good part of the plate. The soy sauce, the wasabi and the call sweet and sour sauce they are very popular.

Tradition indicates that sushi should be eaten with chopsticks or, failing that, with the hands, but never with forks, tongs or other metal cutlery. Sushi can be taken from a general dish, served on an individual plate or even, according to a very curious variant, eaten from body of a person.

In addition to everything mentioned so far, it is worth knowing other information of interest about sushi, among which are the following:
-In many parts of the world it is considered an authentic delicacy, as a luxury dish since it is established that it is only prepared with products of the highest quality.
-In many countries the presence of Japanese restaurants specializing in sushi has begun to spread. This is due not only to its taste but also because it is a great option for people who want to have their weight under control, since it provides few calories, is low in fat and provides large amounts of vitamin B, which improves blood circulation. .
-It is identified as being a very healthy type of food. Precisely for this reason, it is considered that perhaps it is one of those responsible for the population in Japan having such a long-lasting longevity. And it is that we cannot ignore that, according to the statistics that have been published, the aforementioned Asian country is not only the one with the fewest cases of colon cancer in the world but also the one with the records of the elderly with the highest age.
-It is considered that the best sushi in the world is eaten in a restaurant that is located in the Tokyo subway, specifically in Ginza station. It is an establishment that is called Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten, where eating twenty pieces costs 300 euros and where there are months of waiting list since it only fits 10 people.