The supremacy implies reaching the grade higher on something, standing in it. The concept refers to the superiority wave preponderance.

SupremacyFor example: “The Radical Party maintained its supremacy in the southern part of the country, but did not achieve good results in the rest of the national territory”, “The supremacy of the team at the local level is evident: so far this year they have played fifteen games and won fourteen”, “For many, the supremacy of the cars of this brand is indisputable”.

The idea of ​​supremacy is used in the realm of sport to refer to competitors who they usually prevail over the rest or to those who show better results. If we focus on the World Wide Football Coup, to mention one possibility, we will find a supremacy of Brazil: The men’s national team of this team has become world champion five times, a record that has not been reached by any other nation so far.

There are racist movements, on the other hand, that postulate the racial supremacy. According to this position, there is superior races who are called to dominate and inferior races that should be kept in a position subordination.

The white supremacyIn this framework, he argues that white people have to subjugate those who belong to other ethnic groups, since whites are superior to the rest. East racism was exercised in USA for a long time, when non-whites were forced into slavery and lacked many elemental rights.

The male supremacy, meanwhile, defends the preeminence of men over women. Known as sexism, implies conceiving the male as the head of family groups (and, by extension, of society).