Suprasystem is a term that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). It is possible to understand what the concept refers to, anyway, if we analyze its components.

System formed by others

The prefix supra- it alludes to what is above something else or is superior. A systemMeanwhile, it is an ordered set of elements that are interrelated.

Suprasystem company

The company is one of the best known suprasystems

It is called suprasystem, in this framework, to that system that is made up of other systems. This means that a suprasystem (also called supersystem) is a larger system composed of smaller systems, which in turn can contain subsystems.

Utility of the suprasystem

Suprasystems favor hierarchical organization of various structures that work in coordination with a objective in common. It is possible to understand the suprasystem as the environment where other systems act.

In the call theory of the systemsUltimately, the suprasystem is the major element. Then come the systems and finally the subsystems. It is important to mention that a system can belong to more than one suprasystem.


A common example of a suprasystem is the body human. In it we can find several systems (the digestive system, the circulatory system, etc.), in turn integrated by subsystems (such as organs). All these units work together for the maintenance of the suprasystem in question.

Other example of suprasystem is a computer (a computer). In this suprasystem is the motherboard, motherboard or motherboard, which can be understood as a system formed by subsystems such as the microprocessor and the random access memory or RAM.

These and numerous other suprasystems, being one of them ourselves, are part of everyday life, because we cannot conceive of life without such a hierarchical organization. Everything we are and see is made up of various parts of varying importance, which work together, each providing different benefits to achieve the common goal.

In the company

One of the most common organizational examples of our species is the company. You can charge a large number of different ways, depending on your specialty and your country of origin, among other factors; however, something that occurs in all cases is that it is a suprasystem. This can be easily checked, as it meets all the requirements to carry such a label.

In the first place, it is a complex system, made up of a variable number of subsystems, which in turn may have smaller ones, and so on. There cannot be a company whose subsystems deviate from its main objectives, but rather everyone must collaborate to achieve them. The different departments, such as marketing, development and technical assistance, are three of the most common subsystems within a company.

Continents suprasystem

The continents: immense suprasystems, made up of countries, regions, provinces and more

The continents

Speaking of normal suprasystems in our day to day, we cannot forget one of the fundamentals: the continent. It would not be easy to escape from this type of geographical organization to settle, since the whole world has been divided into continents for a long time, as long as dozens of generations.

Within this great system there are other smaller ones, which are the countries, units most common to identify the origin of a person. We usually don’t say “I was born in such continent ”, but we refer to one of its subsystems to provide greater precision to our interlocutor.

It is worth mentioning that this suprasystem is one of the most complex, although not as much as the planet itself, since it is made up of many others, passing through regions, provinces, counties, cities and reaching neighborhoods, among many other possibilities.