In Latin it is where the etymological origin of the word support that now occupies us is found. And it is the result of the union of two words of that language:
• The prefix “sub-“, which is synonymous with “below”.
• The verb “portare”, which can be translated as “carry”.

A medium is something, whether physical or symbolic, that serves as support or strut. Brackets are therefore used to hold or hold a thing. For instance: “We have to buy a bracket to install the new TV”, “My wife has been my support in these difficult times”, “The municipality announced that it will soon repair the support of the poster that broke in the last storm”.

MediumAs a physical object, the support can be a accessory or one structure that allows to locate an object in a certain place. With a bracket, you can hang a microwave oven on a wall, to name one possibility.

Currently there is a type of support that has experienced great growth throughout the world. We are referring to selfie sticks. These are canes that at one end give the possibility of placing a camera or a mobile phone, with the clear objective of making it easier for anyone to obtain an image of themselves.

The creation and expansion of these devices is due to the fact that in recent months these types of selfies have become an authentic fashion, and all due to the fact that various Hollywood actors, such as Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, were encouraged to take one in the course of the Oscar delivery gala.

Precisely this type of snapshot has also led to the emergence of other unique supports for them, such as sticks for belfies (butt selfies) or combs also photographs of oneself that also give the opportunity to comb one’s hair to be perfect.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore either that the term support is also used in heraldry. In his case, it is used to refer to each of the different figures that appear holding a shield.

The idea of ​​support is also used to name those devices that make it possible to storage wave transmission from data: “Please, I need you to transfer the information from the computer to a physical medium to have an additional safeguard”.

It is known as technical support, on the other hand, to the attendance provided by a company to solve problems related to its products or services. Technical support from a company that provides access to Internet It can help users configure the connection and troubleshoot issues that prevent normal service enjoyment.

In the music, is known as support band or support group to the one that appears before the main number in a concert. What the support does is open the show while the spectators arrive at the place and prepare to enjoy the most important show of the evening: “A Swedish group will support the Rolling Stones”, “The North American band will carry out the tour with a support of the punk genre”.