SupplyFrom Latin supplere, supply it is replace or substitute something for something else, put oneself in someone’s place, hide a defect or integrate what is missing in something. For example: “The coach has not yet defined who will be in charge of replacing the Panamanian striker”, “The young actor promised to replace his father in the play until he returns from his travel, “We must think about how to make up for the lack of breadcrumbs so that the recipe turns out well anyway”.

Supply, therefore, is associated with a replacement or one substitution. In the field of sport, the action of supplying is linked to the change of players in a team. This change can occur in the middle of a game due to injury, or for reasons specific to the game (tactical, performance, etc.). As teams usually have a regular starting or starting line-up, substitution can also occur before a game (when a player who is usually a substitute enters the starting team to substitute for another).

Another area in which this term is often used is teaching, to talk about the teachers alternates (also called substitutes). It is an ideal position to start on the path of education, since it offers the possibility of working with students of all ages contemplated by preschool, primary and secondary education. Another of its benefits is that it allows you to try different subjects, until you find the preferred one.

Among the necessary requirements to work as a substitute teacher, is a university degree or the completion of a exam of competence, according to the country, the region and the educational center in which you want to work. On the other hand, replacing other teachers is not an easy task, especially due to the lack of stability inherent to deadlines: sometimes an absence of two months is covered, other times a day, and so on.

SupplyCertain substances are used in the diet to make up for the lack or lack of others that are necessary to enjoy a good Health. Those preparations intended for this task are known as supplements: “The doctor recommended a vitamin supplement to regain balance in just a few weeks”, “In newborns, there is nothing that can supply breast milk”.

In the case of feelings, it is often said that money can’t supply love, especially when talking about relationships between parents and children or couples. Since each living being is unique and unrepeatable, and that perceives the reality in a particular way, it is not possible to establish What do you need to be happy, to feel satisfied with life; Two people of similar character can understand and go through the same situation in two completely different ways, just as two people who are opposite to the naked eye can experience a certain situation in a similar way.

This leads us to understand that not all people seem to need the same degree of attention and attention. affectedregardless of your age; There are children who from a very young age are highly independent and who discover their vocation very early, for which they are passionately dedicated to pursuing it and do not seek parental affection in the same way as others with a slower development.

If we take an individual from each of these two classes and assign them distant parents, who give them gifts instead of spending time and showing them genuine interest and love, the precocious is likely to suffer much less from the lack affective than the other.

The intention of conceal or make up a fault also known as supplying: “Now that Palomares has resigned, we have to think about how we are going to make up for his absence without investors noticing”.