The first thing that we are going to carry out is the establishment of the etymological origin of the term that now occupies us. Specifically, when we analyze it thoroughly, we come across the fact that it comes from Latin, more precisely from the sum of three Latin particles such as the following: the prefix pro-, which can be translated as “forward”; the verb videre, which is synonymous with seeing; and finally the suffix –dor, which is equivalent to “agent”.

Supplier is the person or business that caters with something to another company or a community. The term comes from the verb provide, which refers to supplying what is necessary for a purpose.

SupplierFor example: “We are running out of sheets: please call the supplier and order several reams”, “Juan is looking for a new supplier of supplies since he is not satisfied with the current one”, “The water supplier hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t offer you something fresh at the moment.”.

It is important to establish that there are basically two clearly differentiated types of providers. On the one hand, there are those of goods, which are those that contribute, sell and supply objects or tangible items. Examples of them are the suppliers of drinks for bars and restaurants or those of wood for carpentry.

On the other hand, there are those of services that, as their name indicates, do not offer something material but an action that allows their clients to carry out their activity with total satisfaction.

That is, it is known as Service provider to the company that provides services to other companies. The most common business of service providers is the offer of subscriptions or contracts. The mobile phone, the Internet access and the website hosting are some of the business from service providers.

Suppliers must comply with the terms and conditions of delivery of their products or services to avoid conflicts with the company they supply. In many cases, these companies have to have a technical support or attention department, since service interruptions cause big problems for the customer.

Every company that needs suppliers is essential to take into account two essential aspects when working with them:
• At the time of paying the articles and services to these suppliers, it can be done in cash. However, the most common is that those are paid within a minimum period of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days.
• It is essential when carrying out the accounting of any business, to take a seat of all the economic transactions that are carried out with the aforementioned “suppliers” of products or benefits.

The internet service provider, also know as ISP for Internet Service Provider, is the company that is responsible for providing Internet connection to its customers. The ISP allows users to connect through different technologies, such as cable modem, DSL or WiFi. It is common for ISPs to offer other Internet-related technology services, such as site hosting or domain registration.