Supplement, from Latin supplementum, is the action and consequence of supply (impersonate, change, fix a problem, add something missing). A supplement, just like a complement, it can be what is added to a thing to improve or perfect it.

SupplementIt is known as a supplement, therefore, special section of a newspaper or other type of publication that is made up of contents of the same subject, independent of the main ones. For example: “There was a note to the gallant of the telenovela in the show supplement”, “Can I have the computer supplement?”, “Tomorrow the architecture supplement comes out”.

Thus, for example, we find the fact that the Spanish newspaper “El País” currently has several supplements such as “Domingo” which is published on the last day of the week; “Business” that, as its name indicates, revolves around the world of finance; “Babelia” which is cultural in nature; or “El Viajero” that seeks to ensure that readers are perfectly informed about tourism and the most unique destinations.

For the geometry, supplement is the angle that a different one is missing to form two right angles. In other words, the supplement is the difference between a given angle and a straight angle (180º).

In the grammar, supplement is used synonymously with verbal regime complement. Some supplemental prayers are “Micaela is going to marry Eduardo”, “It is important to have your friends in difficult moments”, “The young man took care of his mother while the doctors arrived”.

It is known as vitamin supplement to the mixture that contains vitamins and that it is supplied to those who, for a deficient diet or other reason, suffer from a lack of them.

It is possible to talk about dietary supplement when the mixture contains other types of substances intended to supplement the diet, such as minerals, enzymes or amino acids.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as a bodybuilding supplement. This is a type of substance taken by all those athletes who, due to the discipline they practice, require not only losing fat but also palpably increasing their muscles.

Among the most relevant bodybuilding supplements are those that are responsible for supplementing proteins, anabolic steroids or food replacement products. The latter are also called MRP and their main mission is to replace both micronutrients (vitamin A, iron …) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins …).

In role-playing games, a supplement is a document whose objective is to complement the manual of rules. The supplement is responsible for detailing aspects that were not taken into account in the basic regulations.

Among the most important supplements that exist and that become basic tools within any role-playing game, those that serve as supplements for rules, games, adventures and campaigns, guides and atlases, game screens and character sheets stand out. Some documents the latter where the qualities and abilities of the character in question are established as well as the main characteristics that define and identify him.