Supermarket It is a concept created as a copy of the English word supermarket. Mentioned as self-market on Venezuela, It’s about a establishment dedicated to the retail sale of multiple products under the modality of self service.

SupermarketWhoever buys in a supermarket, therefore, goes through the facilities and takes those items that he wishes to acquire, which he can deposit in a basket (basket) or in a trolley. Once they have everything they were looking for, the client must approach a box and pay.

In a supermarket you can buy food, cleaning articles Y personal hygiene products, for example. The largest supermarkets, called hypermarkets, they usually also offer clothing, meals already prepared Y wheels for vehicles, among other options.

The products for sale are distributed in display furniture known as gondolas. The location of the products in the gondolas, and of the gondolas themselves in the building, is not accidental: the objective of the supermarket is to encourage people to have to go through the entire establishment to satisfy their basic needs since this increases the possibilities that they will also acquire other items.

Supermarkets generally have lower prices compared to markets small and neighborhood stores. This is possible thanks to the position of power that they boast when negotiating with suppliers since the strength of their business is not in the margin of gain but in the turnover.

A online supermarket, on the other hand, is a website where customers can choose products, pay for them remotely and receive them at home. Today it is common for traditional supermarkets to also have an online version.