In order to fully understand the meaning of the term sumptuous, it is necessary that we proceed to establish what is the etymological origin of it. Thus we can say that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from the adjective “sumptuosus”. This, in turn, is the result of the sum of two well-differentiated components:
– “Sumptus”, which can be translated as “cargo”.
-The suffix “-osus”, which is used as a synonym for “abundant in”.

This adjective qualifies what has a big size And it is ostentatious or pompous. For instance: “The actor gave a sumptuous car to his new girlfriend”, “The Duchess always lived in sumptuous castles: she knows no other type of home”, “The Arab nation surprised at the inauguration of another sumptuous stadium”.

SumptuousThe sumptuous is not only immense and luxurious: it is also very expensive. That’s why this kind of products can only be purchased or manufactured by those who have a big wealth and they can make significant expenses or investments.

Take the case of a house that has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a huge living room, a garden, a heated swimming pool and a garage for four cars. The house was built with materials top quality and has gold taps. It also has several air conditioning units, heating in all rooms and a micro-cinema. For all these characteristics, the house in question can be described as sumptuous.

In the same way, sometimes, the adjective that concerns us is used to refer to objects that have a great value because of their origin or because of the year in which they are dated. Thus, for example, the work entitled “The elements of Euclid” is considered to be. It was carried out in the 19th century by the writer Oliver Byrne and it thoroughly analyzes some of the most important theorems and studies carried out by the Greek philosopher and mathematician that gives it its name.

The term may even qualify abstract issues or situations. A historian may claim that the last of a region is sumptuous when it is known that, years ago, that area had great wealth. This can be seen from the constructions of other times and from the documents that narrate what life was like in the place.

Even the meal It can be defined as sumptuous according to its ingredients. A table for two with ten dishes with caviar, duck, pink salmon, wild boar and other proposals will allow you to enjoy a sumptuous dinner.

In this sense, we can say, for example, that a person carries out a sumptuous shopping list if their menu includes expensive and quality products such as Iberian meats, salmon from Norway, fruits with designation of origin, caviar or wines from the best designations of origin.

It should not be overlooked either that the term that concerns us also acquires prominence within the video game sector, specifically in the one entitled “World of Warcraft”, since there is what is known as sumptuous fur. It is a material to make fabrics that comes from what are the beasts of Draenor.