The first thing to know is that the etymological origin of the term in question is in Turkish, specifically in the word “sultan”, which can be translated as “Mohammedan governor”.

Sultan is the name of the title that the monarchs of certain Arab or Islamic nations. It can be said that sultan is one who, in a certain region, holds the can.

SultanHistorians indicate that the first person to be officially awarded the honor of sultan was Mahmud of Gazni, who ruled the Ghaznavid Empire Come in 997 and 1030. This man led the State Muslim of greater relevance of those years, conquering various territories and invading India on numerous occasions.

With the weather, different Turkish and African peoples adopted the title of sultan for their monarchs. In this way, ottomans, Almohads, almoravids, Seljuk, rompers and ayyubíes they began to be ruled by sultans.

The period that a sultan governs, the dignity of his office and the state he administers are called sultanate. The territoryFurthermore, it can be named as sultanate.

At the time of Ottoman EmpireOn the other hand, both the monarch and his mother and daughters held the title of sultan. At man The title was mentioned first and then the name, while in women this order was reversed.

In our time, the leaders of Brunei and of Oman are officially known as sultans (the Sultan of Brunei and the Sultan of Oman). The concept is also used in an honorary sense with regional rulers of countries What Malaysia and Philippines.

Within the musical field, that word takes special prominence in one of the most emblematic songs of the 20th century, specifically from the 1970s. We are referring to “Sultans of Swing”, which was officially presented in 1978 and was Performed by the iconic British rock band Dire Straits, led by the Knopfler brothers.

On the other hand, in the sports field there is a baseball team from the Mexican league that also uses the term at hand. We are referring to the Sultans of Monterrey who, as their name suggests, are from the aforementioned area of ​​the country. The group was founded in 1939 under the name of Carta Blanca, but a decade later it received the current name of Sultans.

It must be stated that it can also be used as a proper name. Thus, for example, Sultan Kösen is called, who holds the record for being the tallest man in the world at 2.51 meters tall. He was born in 1982 in the Turkish city of Mardin and has held the aforementioned “merit” since 2010.

Also in the world of cinema, the 2016 film “Sultan” stands out, which revolves around the figure of a humble fighter with many personal problems who ends up becoming an idol due to his international triumphs.

SultanFinally, it is the name of an American locality that is located in the state of Washington. According to the data of the last census, on Sultan live less than 5,000 inhabitants.