Sui generis It is a Latin phrase that the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) includes in its dictionary as sui generis (with a check mark in the first AND of the second word) and also accepts as suigéneris. The literal translation of the expression is “Of your gender”.

Something very peculiar

A sui generis element belongs to a class exceptional or special. Therefore it is about something unique, original or of great peculiarity.

Sui géneris database

The «sui generis right» protects the manufacturer of a database

When something constitutes by itself a species, it can be mentioned as sui generis. In this way, it is not possible to pigeonhole it in another way or to include it in another set since it has extraordinary characteristics (out of the ordinary).

The origin of the phrase is found in the scholastic philosophy. In this framework, the idea that, due to its properties, it could not be part of a larger entity.

Scholastic philosophy

This concept has its origin in the scholastic philosophy, where they created it with the aim of distinguishing all those realities, entities or ideas that cannot be framed in a broader environment, since it is about exponents one of a kind. This philosophical and theological current belongs to the Middle Ages and relied on classical Greek philosophy to understand the divine revelation of Christianity.

In medieval thought, scholasticism had a highly relevant role, after the patristics, the study of the earliest Christian religion and of the “Church fathers” (the oldest authors). The basis of scholasticism was the relationship between reason and faith: the latter enjoyed a higher hierarchy, as can be deduced from the phrase of Latin origin “philosophy is the servant of theology.” The highest science was theology, so natural reason and human thought must rank below it.

Sui generis law

The so-called sui generis right belongs to the context of intellectual property and it is applied on databases. The requirements to request it include a document that summarizes the creation process and a copy of the base for its official examination, in addition to the payment of the processing fee. The fundamental points that support it are the following three:

* Right of the creator of a database to prevent another person from extracting and / or reusing a substantial part or all of it;

* It offers protection over the substantial investment made by the manufacturer, which can be evaluated qualitatively or quantitatively, to obtain, verify or present the content of its database. These resources can be of various types, such as temporary, financial or energy, among others;

* When we speak of “manufacturer”, we mean the legal or natural person that starts the project and carries out the aforementioned investments (which represent an unavoidable risk) to create the database.

The rock band

Sui Generis, on the other hand, is the name of an Argentine band of rock. It is a duo, accompanied by other musicians, who founded Charly garcia and Nito Mestre on 1969.

Sui generis rock band

Sui Generis was one of the most important rock bands in Argentina

Garcia and Mestre they met in the Instituto Social Militar Dr. Dámaso Centeno while they were in high school. The first album from Sui Generis, titled “Life”, was edited in 1972.

Sui Generis dissolved into 1975, although later Garcia and Mestre they met on several occasions to re-float the group. On 2000In fact, they released a new album. Songs like “Scratch the stones”, “Learning”, “Song for my death” and “Winter Confessions” positioned the band as one of the most important in the history of Argentine rock.