SubgenreA gender it’s a set of elements that share certain traits. These genres can split into specific groups known as subgenres.

A subgenus, then, is a subdivision of a genus. The notion appears in the field of various branches of the art (as the music, the literature and the movies) and in the field of biology.

Take the case of music. The musical genres are categories that arise from the similarities that can be detected between the different compositions. An example of a musical genre is the rock.

In the rock, in turn, multiple subgenres are recognized. The heavy metal, the punk and the grunge are some of the subgenres of this type of music.

Refering to literature, traditional rhetoric appeals to a classification into four great genres: the didactic, the drama, the lyric and the narrative. If we focus on this last genre (narrative), we will find subgenres such as novel and the tale, to mention two possibilities. Depending on their content, novels can be police or police, of adventures, of Science fiction, etc.

The action movies, on the other hand, constitute a genre in the field of movies. Among them appear subgenres such as martial arts films, the action comedies and the superhero ribbons. The latter are also considered a subgenre of the movies of Science fiction, another of the most important genres on the big screen.

This is not an isolated example, as there are many cases of subgenres that are derived from two or more main genres, both in film and in other disciplines. Gender of suspense, for example, which is also known by its English name, thriller, gives rise together with the action to the action thrillers, where the elements typical of the two previous groups.

From the moment in which the human being felt the need to organize all the concepts that surrounded him, it was not long until he understood that reality has several layers of complexity. Before creating tools and works of art, he already found in nature a great variety of animals, plants, fungi and minerals that could not be classified in a flat way, but required a three-dimensional look, with groups and subgroups.

SubgenreThis discovery marked us as a species and conditioned our activities when creating, because we cannot conceive of life without the coexistence of several levels. While subgenres depend on genres to exist, they are not always created after them; in some cases they appear earlier but are not defined until after a while. This can happen because the genres are also not strict to the point of complete rigidity.

In the case of video games, the classification into genres and subgenres focuses more on their playability than on their aspects narrative or visual. This means that the reference point is the way the player interacts with them, taking into account the rules and layout as well.

One of the most popular genres in the video game world is that of action, which requires a combination of reflexes, motor skills and marksmanship, among other skills. Some of its most prominent sub-genres are fighting, arcade and platforms. We could also include the games of shots, within which we find another division into subgenres, such as those of the first or third person.

The biology, meanwhile, resorts to groups called taxa to classify living things scientifically. Under the category of family and about the category of species, the genus taxon is found. According to their characteristics, individuals belonging to a genus can be organized into subgenres.