The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes three meanings of the term stylist. The one most used today refers to hairdresser who performs his work with creativity, betting on innovation or following the latest trends.

He is called a hairdresser who is dedicated to cut the hair already perform hairstyles. In a broader sense, the hairdresser takes care of the hair aesthetics.


A stylist can dedicate himself to hair care.

The stylist’s trade

As we said, the task of the stylist is to take care of the hair of their clients. You can make the cut as directed by the subject or appeal at your own discretion, usually agreeing on the style with whom he will submit to his scissors.

The stylist’s work includes other actions related to hair. It is usual, for example, that it takes care of Wash the hair and of apply creams, gels, or other products. Another of the frequent activities of the stylist is to apply tinctures.

Image advisor

The notion of the stylist can be broader and transcend the field of hairdressing. The RAE, in this sense, indicates that a stylist is also someone who is oriented to the care of the picture.

The stylist, thus, is dedicated to styling. Therefore his trade transcends hair care and includes taking care of the esthetic a general level.


Cutting hair is one of the activities that a stylist performs.

In this way, the stylist takes care of the make-up, trying to hide imperfections and highlighting the features of the person. This is usually a professional who pays attention to fashion. That is why he also provides advice on the wardrobe, suggesting what type of clothing to wear, how to combine colors, what accessories to add to the look, etc.

The stylist and the setting

It is important to mention that the concept of stylist can make mention of a professional who deals with the aesthetics of a place, focusing on the decor and the setting. This type of stylist seeks harmony through the arrangement of objects in space, lighting, and other factors.

In a photographic production with a modelTo mention one possibility, a team of professionals usually intervenes that includes stylists (both hairdressers and make-up artists and set designers or decorators), photographers, designers and other specialists.

Depending on your area of job, the stylist can be trained through courses (hairdressing, makeup and others) or even opt for a higher degree career (such as a cosmetology degree or a fashion design degree).

Use of the term in the literature

The RAE mentions another meaning of stylist, associating it with writer who is characterized by the care of the style (that is, in a particular way of writing). The stylist cares about the elegance of his text, taking care of the details of form.

In fact, it is often considered that the stylist gives you greater preponderance of form than substance. These authors are sometimes even singled out for writing “hard” or for a elite.

It is possible to link the style in the lyrics to a personal way of narrating. The American Truman capoteIn this context, he can be mentioned as a stylist since he ventured into a experimentation aesthetics appealing to literary devices to tell real events.