The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term lacio that we are now dealing with. Specifically, we have to say that it comes from Latin and more exactly from the Latin word “flaccidus”, which can be translated as “soft, hanging or flaccid”.

straight it’s a adjective what, said about him hair, refers to what falls without curls or waves. It can be said that straight hair, therefore, is that which is shown smooth and it has no ripples. For instance: “I love the way your hair looks straight”, “A straight hairstyle lasts a few minutes since I always get curls”, “The model shocked the public with her long straight hair”.

straightThere are various devices and products that help a person keep your hair straight. However, many of these options can cause dryness or the loss of the natural shine of the hair. Some possibilities to promote straight hair include the use of a shampoo and a reconditioner specific to this objective, the application of nourishing creams, the use of a hair comb to detangle hair (but without breaking it) and a diet rich in foods with antioxidant properties.

In the same way, we must not forget two elements that are essential when it comes to getting a hair that is as straight as possible. On the one hand, we are referring to the hair straightener. It is a small appliance in the shape of a clamp that has two plates that are responsible for “catching” the strands of hair to make them no longer have curls or waves of any kind by means of heat.

Ceramic or marble are two of the modalities that exist in the market and that allow to achieve great results.

On the other hand, a fundamental element in obtaining straight hair is keratin. This is a fibrous protein that has become one of the most effective treatments to achieve this goal. With it, it is also possible to put an end to hair frizz, to end the most unruly curls, to have perfectly hydrated hair as well as to ensure that the hair is not affected by weather conditions such as rain or humidity.

In the same way, in Spain it is common for lacio to also be used colloquially with another meaning. Specifically, it is used to refer to any person who seems weak, who has no energy and who is also very bland.

The notion of straightness, on the other hand, may be linked to something weak, withered, withered or without vigor. These meanings are directly related to the etymological origin of the term, which comes from Latin flaccĭdus.

straight (or Lazio, in Italian), finally, it is an administrative region of Italy what has to Rome as capital. More than 5 million people live there. The Società Sportiva Lazio It is one of the most famous sports clubs in the region. It was founded in 1900 and has become champion of the A series football twice (the most recent in 1999/2000).