The notion of stove comes from the Latin word focus, which can be translated as “bonfire” or “home”. This is how the appropriate space of the kitchens which enables light a fire to cook.

StoveThe term has other meanings depending on the region, generally linked to the fire. A stove can be a wood fire which is lit with firewood laid out on the ground; a place where, in order to cook some food, a fire is lit; or one kitchen that is built with clay or cement on top of a table to cook with firewood.

In the steam engines, the site of the boiler where fuel burns. In a firearm, on the other hand, the stove is the hearing: a hole found in the breech.

The inhabitants of countries South Americans like Argentina Y Uruguay they call a stove meeting of friends. Although the concept was originally associated with meeting produced around the fire, then began to be used more widely.

A fire pit, in this setting, can consist of a group of friends gathered near a grill where they prepare roast, for instance. Or in a social event where several people get together to talk and share a pleasant moment.

The usual thing is that the stoves are carried out outdoors. Many times one of the participants carries a guitar and invites the attendees to sing, thus enlivening the day with music. Very popular songs are usually sung, which everyone knows.