Stereo is he stereophony or stereophonic shortening. The stereophony is the technique which enables simultaneously record a sound from two or more places that are at a certain distance; in this way, when the sound in question is reproduced, a acoustic relief.

Stereophonic, meanwhile, is that linked to stereophony. You can talk about stereophonic system or stereophonic sound, by example.


Stereo sound is sound that is recorded and reproduced on two or more channels.

Differences between stereo sound and mono sound

The stereo sound, as we said lines above, offers a particular spatial sensation to be recorded and played back on two channels. This differentiates it from monaural or mono sound, whose recording and reproduction is carried out through a single channel.

The mono sound, thus, is similar to that heard from one ear. With stereo sound, on the other hand, greater naturalness and depth is achieved since the addresses where the sound sources come from.

It is important to mention that stereo sound is sometimes created with two monaural channels that are independent of each other. However, generally signs of the different channels are linked.

Although the stereo sound is of higher quality, there are radio stations that choose to transmit in mono sound because it allows them to have a signal of greater strength. In other words: with oneself powerBy transmitting in mono sound, coverage of a larger area is achieved than by using stereo sound.

Mini component

The term stereo is also used to refer to a stereo.

Broadcasting, TV and compact discs

Beyond the aforementioned advantage of the mono sound, the usual thing is that the radio stations and the TV channels broadcast in stereo. This trend began to consolidate in the middle of the decade of 1950.

The most widely used audio storage media in recent decades also includes sound recorded in stereo. Not only CD (CD) audio, but also older products such as cassettes and even the vinyl records. Audio files compressed in format MP3Meanwhile, they can also be reproduced in stereo.

The stereo as a stereo

It is important to mention that the notion of stereo can be used as a noun to refer to a apparatus which is used for the reproduction of music. Therefore, at a musical equipment or minicomponent It can be called stereo, like the device that allows you to listen to the radio or music in a car. For instance: “When I was thirteen my parents gave me a stereo that I used until recently”, “Yesterday my car stereo was stolen”, “Please, could you hand me the CD that’s on the stereo?”.

A stereo, in this sense, is a device that is used to listen to the radio or music. Currently they usually have radio tuner, CD player, USB memory reader and, in many cases, bluetooth receiver, in addition to amplifier Y speakers. Years ago they could include turntable and player / recorder cassettes.

The concept as a unit of volume

There is another meaning of stereo recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary. From French stère, in turn derived from the Greek stereos (translatable as “solid”), stereo is a unit of measurement which is used for firewood (the wood that is used as fuel).

A stereo, in this frame, equates to the firewood which can be stacked in one cubic meter. In other words, it is an approximation of the amount of firewood that can be stored, transported or processed in one cubic meter.