Being able to determine the etymological origin of the term stamped that now concerns us, leads us to “go” to French, since it comes from the Gallic verb “stamp”. It is a word that, in turn, comes from the French “stampon”, which can be translated as “pounding”.

Print is the stamping action and effect. East verb It refers to print something on something else (“I’m going to stamp a picture of my son on my jacket”) or throwing something or someone causing it to hit the floor, a wall, etc. (“The boy slammed the glass against the ground when he heard his father’s challenge”).

PrintStamping can be produced in different ways and on various materials. It is common for the concept of stamping to be used in reference to a tissue that has drawings stamped with fire or cold. It can be said, in that case, that the fabric is patterned or has a pattern. For example: “My mom gave me a sweatshirt stamped with the image of Mickey Mouse”, “The saleswoman offered me a solid color sweater and another print”, “I love the patterns in this store: they are very colorful”.

In this case, it must be said that fashion is usually setting trends in terms of prints. Thus, for example, at this time we can establish that the most “in” thing is to wear garments of all kinds that bet on having a print such as those that contain floral motifs, stripes or even elements of ethnic class.

Pants, dresses or skirts are usually some of the garments that can wear any of these types of pattern. However, the item that most commonly bets on those is the t-shirt. And it is that she, in addition to the aforementioned prints that now prevail, it is common for her to bet on wearing famous phrases, film and television characters …

The idea of ​​stamping can also refer to the object that, by percussion or pressure, is manufactured from a matrix or a mold.

In addition to all this we would have to state that there is also what is known as metal stamping. This is a term that is used to record an industrial process by which a metal is manufactured by means of which it is subjected to a compression between two different molds.

This type of stamping can be of two types: hot, through which rough products are obtained, or cold. In the latter case, there are also several techniques such as embossing or punching.

It is known as serigraphy to technique from Print which consists of reproducing images on any material by transferring a ink through a tensioned mesh. The stamping occurs with the passage of the ink, this passage being blocked in the areas that do not want to stamp.

This stamping system is repetitive: when the first model has already been achieved, it is possible to repeat the same print thousands of times without losing definition in the stamping.