The concept of stalk it derivates from to stalk, a notion of the English language that refers to “watch”. Stalkear is a neologism that arose in the field of social networks to name the action a person performs when check out the contents published by another user.

Whoever stalks, therefore, enters the profiles or pages that an individual has on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, in order to know what you are publishing. In general, the person who is dedicated to stalking does not disclose what he does, although in some cases he does make his stalking known to intimidate the other.

To spy

The act of spying through social networks is known as stalking.

What leads to stalking

Various reasons can motivate a stalker. Sometimes the reason is just the just curiosity: someone enjoys knowing, as a snooper or as a hobby, what another subject uploads to social networks. So you can spend several hours looking at your photos, videos, and posts.

The action of stalking when, after a romantic breakup, one of the people who formed the couple pretends to be aware of what her ex-boyfriend / girlfriend or spouse is doing. In this context, stalking can be seen as intimidating or aggressive.

It should be noted that the stalker can spy on other people to obtain data that later allows him to carry out a crime. By stalking someone, you can find out if they are traveling and have left their home alone or if they made cash by selling a used car, for example. This information is sensitive and can be exploited by a criminal.

Computer criminal

Stalking can be a resource to commit a crime.

The importance of prevention

As in many other cases, both in the field of networks and in “real life”, for a stalker to exist, the other party must also exist, not only in the role of victim but also as someone who has not taken the steps. necessary precautions to protect your own privacy from those with whom you do not have a relationship. For this reason, it is important to act before this threat, to prevent it as much as possible.

Returning to one of the examples mentioned in a previous paragraph, a stalker can be “simply” someone with whom the victim used to have a romantic relationship, that is, an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, among other possibilities. This tells us that in such a case the offender has a lot of personal information about the other even before he started his stalking, and this should be a point to take into account for the prevention.

When we end a very close relationship with someone and the breakup is not easy for the other person, it is recommended mark a series of limits so that both parties can heal and rebuild their lives. Depending on the case, it is not bad to cut contact through social networks to avoid arousing curiosity in the other one obsession lead him to haunt us every day and to talk secretly with our friends and family.

Stalkear, a behavior close to obsession

Stalkear is not very different from other types of obsessive behaviors, in that it also shows that the subject feels a great dissatisfaction with his own life and is not able to solve it.

This does not give him the right to annoy others, but it does not make him “naturally bad” either, if this could ever exist; For this reason, if we know that one of our acquaintances has a certain trend To frequent other people’s accounts, we should talk to him and try to help him, but also protect our privacy so that neither of us is harmed.