Performance is a concept that refers to the relationship between the media that are used to achieve something and the Outcome which is finally obtained. The advantage or the benefit that someone or something offers is also called performance.

Sports performanceSports, for its part, is that associated with sport (a game, a hobby or a competition that involves a certain physical activity and that is developed according to certain rules).

The idea of sports performance, therefore, it is linked to the achievements that athletes achieve or can achieve. To increase athletic performance, athletes must be able to exploit your resources to the fullest.

In this way, high performance sports centers seek enhance the different capacities of athletes. This implies the development of certain routines of training to perfect the athletic condition, the technique, etc.

Although physical condition and technique are essential aspects in sports performance, there are also other factors that affect it, such as psychology and the tactical ability. An elite athlete, in this way, works together with physical trainers, technical directors and psychologists, among other professionals.

The person’s own qualities, their health, their morphological factors or even their neuromuscular coordination also influence their sports performance. But it must be emphasized that athletes who play as a team must add others to all these factors that can also significantly influence their performance.

Specifically, those who practice a discipline that is played in a group may see their performance impaired by collective factors such as a bad environment among teammates, the public that comes to watch training and games, institutional elements, actions and decisions made by the technical team, unhealthy competition between players, poor interpersonal relationships between the technical and sports group …

Precisely of all this is a good example at this time, February 2016, the Real Madrid football team, which has been eliminated from the Copa del Rey and has practically lost all its chances of winning the League. And he has been going through a few months where not only does he not shine in the game but where the results are not optimal. Before all this, it is attributed that the players do not have a good sporting performance because they suffer from many injuries, they are unmotivated, there is no team feeling, there is no commitment from some of them, they have changed coach, it is believed that the directive It is not helping to promote the club, the fans are very upset with the attitudes of the players and the president …

There are also external circumstances that modify athletic performance. A tennis player who trains with a damaged racket and with balls that were used for years will not have the equipment necessary to enhance your athletic performance. In a similar sense, a runner who must train outdoors in temperatures of minus 5 degrees may have his athletic performance affected by the weather.