Speed is the quality from that or that which is fast (and that, therefore, it moves at a high speed). Speed ​​can therefore be said to reflect the link between a certain path traveled and the time it took to cross the distance in question.

SpeedAs the object or the person they mobilize to higher speed, it will be said that they have faster. For instance: “The Ethiopian athlete managed to complete the last kilometers of the marathon very quickly”, “The forward’s speed was the team’s most important weapon in this first stage”, “The man did not have the speed necessary to move and avoid the impact”.

Suppose that two cars start from the same point to travel a distance of 100 kilometers. The car A reaches the goal in two hours120 minutes), Meanwhile he car B up in 160 minutes. It can be said that the car A walked the journey with faster, since it came before him car B. If we analyze it from the speed, we will notice that the car A had an average speed of 50 kilometers per hour, greater than the average speed of the car B (37.5 kilometers per hour).

For all this, we find the fact that speed is essential in the world of sport, specifically in certain disciplines in which the winner is the one who shows more speed than his opponents. We are referring to sports such as athletics, cycling, motorcycling or motor racing.

Thus, in Formula 1, for example, the one who manages to get on the podium as the winner is the driver who has managed to give the specified laps to the circuit in the shortest possible time.

However, speed is not always a good thing. Specifically, we run into the fact that it is not beneficial when it comes to intimate relationships. Thus, for example, it is established that men who manage to ejaculate very quickly have a problem, which responds to the name of premature ejaculation.

This situation is estimated to affect a percentage of between 25% and 40% of men, and that it can have very varied causes, such as anxiety, specific diseases, stress, nervousness, excessive sexual arousal, intake of certain medications …

Given this circumstance, which makes both those who suffer from it and their partners uncomfortable, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of medical professionals so that they establish a series of measures and even a treatment that helps to tackle it at its roots. Specifically, based on the factors that cause it, you can choose to prescribe drugs, to change various behaviors or sexual learning and even to perform specific exercises.

Speed ​​can also be associated with weather what delay specify something or to reaction speed of an individual: “The victim’s family was satisfied because the ruling came out very quickly”, “Quickly, the young man dismissed the accusations and said he was the victim of a campaign against him”.