Specialist is a concept that can be used as adjective or as noun. The notion is formed with the adjective special and with the ending –Ist.

About specialIt should be noted that it has multiple meanings. You can rate someone or something who differs from the rest or what is above the usual or conventional for its qualities. The suffix –Ist, meanwhile, refers to “Supporter of” or the individual who has a certain trade or profession.


In medicine there are many specialties.

What is a specialist

After analyzing the components of the word, it is easy to understand what the idea of specialist. So it can be called one who dominates a certain activity or subject.

Take the case of a licensed in letters who dedicates his life to studying the life and work of the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This person writes essays about the books of Gabo, becomes his biographer and usually participates in talks and debates that revolve around the figure of the author of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. It can be said, therefore, that this subject is specialist in García Márquez.

What makes someone a specialist is the knowledge they accumulate about their object of study. Generally, becoming a specialist in something requires weather and years of dedication. Depending on the discipline, practice is also essential.

The concept in medicine

Specialties are very important in the medicine. Professionals in this science often develop a specific training that allows them to dominate a particular branch.

In this way, we can find specialists in phlebology, cardiology specialists or pain management specialists, for instance. A hospital It must have different specialists to provide a comprehensive health service, capable of responding to the needs of all its patients.


Because of their skills when cooking meat, a person can become a specialist in roasts.

The specialist according to colloquial language

It is important to mention that a specialist is not always a person with an academic degree or vast knowledge. At colloquial language, is called a specialist who demonstrates a exceptional ability to do something.

Suppose a man It is characterized by not respecting the schedules. Thus, a friend tells him: “You are a specialist in being late”. With that phrase you are indicating that the subject in question always arrives late.

A “Specialist in roasts”, meanwhile, is the one who manages to cook the meat thus accurately. It could also refer to a “Specialist in generating uncomfortable moments” or yet “Specialist in telling anecdotes”, to mention other possibilities.

A movie starring Stallone

“The specialist”Finally, it is the title with which it was known in our idiom to the film “The Specialist”. It is an action film directed by Luis Llosa which premiered in 1994.

On the tape, Sylvester Stallone plays a former agent of the INC who works as a hit man. Sharon stone, James woods, Rod steiger and Eric Roberts are other actors that make up the cast of “The specialist”, a proposal that was a success box office although it received many negative reviews from the specialized press (that is, from journalists who are dedicated to making film reviews).