The notion of Spanish finds its etymological antecedent in Occitan Spanish, which in turn comes from Latin medieval Hispaniolus. It is mentioned as Spanish to that or that which is originally from Spain.

SpanishWho they are born in SpainTherefore, they are Spanish. Spain it is a parliamentary monarchy made up of seventeen autonomous communities and two autonomous cities. Most of your territory takes place in the European continent, although it also has a presence in the north african.

The capital of Spain it is Madrid. Thus, it can be said that an individual born in Madrid it is Spanish. If we take into account the diversity of the autonomous communities that are part of Spain, among the Spanish we also find the basques already catalans, for example, although in these towns there are movements that demand the independence of their nations.

It is also called Spanish most spoken language in Spain, which is also used in many american countries, on Equatorial Guinea and in Philippines. It is a language Romance, since it derives from Latin.

Spanish is also known as Castilian because its origins are in the Kingdom of Castile. It is important to clarify that, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), both terms are valid to refer to this language.

In some contexts, however, Castilian refers specifically to the dialect spoken in the Middle Ages in the Kingdom of Castile or to the dialect that is still used today in that region. On the other hand, Spanish is used and not Spanish when it is desired to distinguish between this language and others that are spoken in autonomous communities of Spain As the Galician, the Basque and the Catalan.