Soto It comes from the Latin saltus, which can be translated as “Forest” or “jungle”. The term is used to name the site populated by trees, shrubs, weeds or shrubs, or to place that, on the banks, presents trees and shrubs.

SotoA grove, Forest riverside or forest in gallery can be the space where vegetation grows and survives thanks to the humidity from the ground on the banks of rivers. The idea of ​​gallery forest arises from the tunnels that are created when vegetation covers the water course. In general, these forests have very lush vegetation, whose species are used by the man for different purposes.

Many animals usually live in the groves. When the human being drives deforestation due to their unsustainable activities, these animals suffer the destruction of their habitat.

We should also highlight that in Spain, specifically in the autonomous community of Madrid, there is the town of Soto del Real. It is a town, formerly known as Chozas de la Sierra, which has approximately 8,500 inhabitants, approximately, and is located 42 kilometers from the capital.

Its Parish of the Immaculate, its Hermitage of the Virgen del Rosario or its spectacular landscape are three of the values ​​that have given prestige to this town. However, we must not forget that it is well known for the prison it houses on its territory. And it is that lately in her are entering inmates who take over the front pages of newspapers as would be the case of Luis Bárcenas, the former treasurer of the Popular Party, who is involved in a corruption plot.

Nor should we forget that one of the most important works of zarzuela is entitled “La del soto del parral”. It was written by Luis Fernández de Sevilla and Anselmo C. Carreño and was released in 1927. It takes place in Segovia in the mid-nineteenth century and brings us closer to the life of a family living in a rural environment.

Soto, on the other hand, may have a different etymological origin and come from subtus, a term that means “below”. This allows you to create various composite concepts, such as understory, is that it is the part of the forest that is below the canopy (the upper or higher level). The understory, therefore, is made up of grasses, shrubs, and young trees.

Surname Soto, finally, it is very common in Spain and in several countries of Latin America. That is why it is possible to find various personalities and historical figures who are surnamed that way, such as the Spanish conqueror. Hernando de Soto, the Peruvian soccer player Jorge Soto or the american actress Talisa soto.

In the same way, in this sense, we could highlight the Spanish singer José Manuel Soto. This is an artist who began his professional career at the end of the 80s and who identifies with the musical genre that has been called “light song.

Among his most recognized compositions and that today remain classics of the country’s music are both “Por ella” and “Let yourself be loved”, “Como una luz” or “La pared”.