A sociodrama it’s a psychodrama focus on sociological issues. To understand the concept, as you can see, you first have to focus on the idea of ​​psychodrama.

SociodramaIs called psychodrama to a technique of psychoanalysis that is used in group therapies. The procedure consists of the patients represent episodes linked to their traumas and conflicts.

In the case of sociodrama, that representation is not oriented so much to psychological aspects, but to sociological features. In this way, it favors the understanding of a social problem and how it is reality influences individuals.

Before the performance, the therapist must define the topic of the sociodrama. The usual thing is to choose a problem that, in one way or another, affects all the members of the group. Then it is necessary pool knowledge that the participants have about the problem.

In the next stage, the representation is organized and the roles. Finally, the assistants represent the situation according to how they have experienced it previously, generating a theatrical scene. The sociodrama is completed with a group discussion about the problem, analyzing possible causes and solutions.

For psychoanalysis, the act of representing a scene from real life places the participant in a specific context, experiencing the emotions and the feelings that provokes him. Thus the sociodrama helps to detect and interpret different situations.

The sociodrama, in short, helps the exploration of social facts. By contributing to understanding between individuals and groups, it benefits decision-making and helps to overcome challenges.