The social environment of a subject is formed by their living and working conditions, the studies that you have completed, your level of income and the community of which it is a part. Each of these factors influences the Health of the individual: for this reason, at a global level, the differences between the social environments of the different countries create disparities in health.

In this way, the Life expectancy and the disease rates vary according to the education that the person has received, the type of work they do and the income they receive from month to month.


The social environment influences the living conditions of a person.

Improvements in the social environment

Government agencies often develop various plans to improve the social environment (that is, to create the right conditions for the full development of the subject). Among the objectives proposed for this type of initiative are the job creation, The best of the quality and the security at work environment, the overcrowding of access to social benefits and increased financing to assist the poorest regions.

There are several concepts that help us to deepen about the social environment. The notion of socialization, for example, it defines the process by which the human being acquires the necessary experience to interact with others. In other words, socialization is the process through which the individual progressively adapts to the environment in which he lives.

The look of psychology

The social environment is studied from disciplines such as Social psychology. This branch of the psychology It is based on the assumption that there are psychological processes that determine the functioning of society and the way in which social interrelation takes place.

All this shows us that the social environment is not a rigid component of our life, but that since we begin to form part of it we unfailingly modify it with our decisions and we can even abandon it to look for one more appropriate to our own. need. This is easier to theorize than to put it into practice, but in many cases it is possible.

Deprived neighborhood

Many times the social environment threatens the development of individuals.

How to transcend the social environment

If we are born or are trapped in a toxic social environment from which we do not know how to escape, either because the system threatens us with violent retaliation or because he has instilled his principles in us from childhood, our chances of saving ourselves are much less than those of someone who simply makes a mistake when choosing where and how to live, but can turn the page as soon as he wants to.

The social activities They are the seed of many of the great cultural, artistic and scientific advances: sharing diverse experiences with our friends, traveling to other parts of the world, participating in public events and working as a team can open the doors to personal and professional growth. Of course, first of all we need a group socially appropriate, or we will get the opposite results.

The importance of values

One of the key points of the concept of social environment are values, understood as that series of unbreakable rules that we respect as guides or limits in life. Usually in a group of friends the values ​​are share, and that is why it is so important to surround ourselves with people who can influence us in a positive way.

Of course, we also compose and modify the social environment, so we must do our part to polish all those issues that do not satisfy us. If we want to receive good examples, we must begin by giving them, and so on. The main problem occurs in children and adolescents who fall into the wrong environment, because they are in the middle of the formation stage of their personality, and they still do not have the tools to reject everything that hurts them.