A word it is sobreesdrújula when your prosodic accent falls on a syllable preceding the penultimate. The term can also be qualified as overdrive (with a single E) or as superproparoxytone.

SobreesdrújulaBefore continuing, it is important to note that the prosodic accent it’s a relief or one pronunciation intensification. According to the rules of spelling, the accent in some contexts also becomes a spelling sign (a accent mark) that indicates this phonetic peculiarity.

In the Spanish language, the words sobreesdrújulas always carry an accent. The accent, in all these cases, it is found in a syllable that precedes the penultimate: this means that, after the accent, there are at least three other syllables.

“Give it away” it’s a example word sobreesdrújula. This word is divided into five syllables (re / gá / la / se / lo) and the accent appears in the second (ga), which is followed by three more syllables (the / it / it): “If you didn’t like the dress, give it to your sister”, Have you already read this book? Give it to Juan! “, “Please take this cake and give it to your child”.

Take the case of “spontaneously”. It is a heptasyllable sobreesdrújula word because it has seven syllables: spontaneously. The accent is on the third syllable (). It should be noted that in this notion there is a hiatus (e / a): “When observing the young man fallen in the middle of the avenue, dozens of passersby began to shout spontaneously”, “I do not know how the machine worked again, it seems that it fixed spontaneously since no one touched it”, “The witness decided to appear spontaneously before the judge”.