The word smile that we are now going to analyze, we have to say that, etymologically speaking, it derives from Latin. Thus, we can establish that it is the result of the sum of two components of said language:
• The prefix “son-“, which comes from “sub-” and which means “down”.
• “Risus”, which is the participle of the verb “ridere”, which was equivalent to “laugh”.

When a person he smiles, a picture is drawn on his face smile. This term, therefore, is used to name the result of smile, a verb that refers to a silent and subtle laugh.

SmileIt can be said that the smile consists of a expression on the face of a subject, which is formed from the movement of the muscles surrounding the eyes and mouth. The smile, in general, reflects joy, pleasure or conformity.

It is generally understood that the smile is a natural response (biological) to a stimulus, that is, it is innate. People do not learn to smile or do it by imitation, but the smile arises spontaneously even when we are babies.

It is important to emphasize that the smile is an exclusive faculty of the human beings. Similar expressions in animals do not reflect the same; on the contrary, when a dog moves its lips and shows its teeth, it means that it is about to attack or in a state of alert, for example.

Beyond the naturalness of the smile, it is possible for a person to make a voluntary smile What show of kindness or by commitment. A woman You can respond to a compliment with a smile, in the manner of a thank you, but without implying that the compliment caused you amusement or well-being.

The smile has become one of the “business cards” that human beings have. That is why it is essential that you take care of it. Hence, there are currently many people who, in order to offer the best, undergo all kinds of treatments in this regard.

In particular, they not only bet on going to a dentist’s clinic so that their teeth are perfectly aligned but also so that they look very white. Also for this it is necessary to comply with other activities such as perfect daily oral hygiene, undertaken by brushing and flossing.

It is also common for people to smile when they are going to be photographed. In this case, the smile is a social convention since it is currently believed that, in the photos, the protagonists should appear smiling and not too serious.

We cannot forget either that precisely one of the most important films in the History of Cinema uses the word at hand in its title. We are referring to “Smiles and tears”. In 1965 the film was released, which was directed by Robert Wise and starred, among others, by actors of the stature of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

It tells the story of a novice named Maria who, long before Austria is annexed to Germany, is sent to work as a nanny at the home of a widowed captain, who has a whopping seven children.