Slow down is the action that allows to achieve that something slows down or develops less quickly. This means that slowing down consists of reducing the speed or in slowing down a certain procedure.

Slow downFor instance: “The general ordered the erection of barricades to slow down the advance of the enemies”, “This treatment will slow down the inexorable deterioration of construction”, “It is an incurable disease, but we can slow down its progress to maintain the best possible living conditions for a greater number of years”.

The idea of ​​slowing down is used in different concepts. When you talk about slow down metabolism, refers to performing certain actions so that metabolic chemical reactions take place at a slower speed. Changes in diet and in habits they can serve to slow down the metabolism.

Within the workplace, the use of the term slow down is also used. Thus, for example, it is used to record that a worker is slowing down the entire production process of any company. This could be expressed with a phrase like this: “The factory management is thinking about changing positions or firing Manuel, because his attitude only slows down the chain of work of the others.”

Through a sound editor, on the other hand, you can slow down the speed of a song. This is very useful for those who are learning to play an instrument and want to interpret a theme: by listening to it slowed down, they will be able to notice each note more easily.

The notion of slowing down weather, finally, it is linked to a change in time perception. Although the physical time cannot be modified, there are those who affirm that, with the suitable mental training, a person can begin to perceive that the time passes more slowly. This is associated with the fact that the central nervous system and various brain structures are responsible for controlling the perception of the passage of time: that is why certain drugs produce the sensation of speed.

Among the curiosities of the scientific field, is the fact that some time ago it was published in various specialized magazines that a series of scientists had managed to slow down the speed of light. Specifically, it was reported through various media that researchers from the universities of Glasgow and Heriot-Watt had managed to stop what are the particles of light in free space.

An important and surprising fact that it was the first time that it was achieved by carrying out the application of a specific mask, capable of changing the shapes of the aforementioned particles, on an optical beam. That was what allowed them to appreciate this process of slowing down the aforementioned speed of light.

More precisely, the scientists who did not hesitate to participate in this research and to carry it out came up with the result that the propagation of light could be clearly stopped, despite what one might think.