Skating is what people do patina. The verb rollerblading, for its part, refers to moving on a surface through the use of a device with wheels or thanks to how slippery the floor is.

SkatingFor instance: “Once a week, I go skating at my neighborhood club”, “Ice skating is one of my favorite activities”, “When Lucía was young, she loved skating … although when she grew up she preferred to dedicate herself to other things, such as music and painting”.

What sport, skating is a discipline whose essential characteristic is the use of skates In the feet. According to the surface on which it is made, the skates (which is the footwear used for movement) will present different characteristics.

The roller skating It can take place on various surfaces (a concrete track, a street, a square, etc.). The traditional skates have two axles with four wheels each, while the inline skates (also known as rollers) have all four wheels on the same axle. In the case of ice skating, the skates have a blade.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the existence of the so-called street skating either. Having fun and moving around the city in a comfortable and fast way are the fundamental objectives of this discipline that is carried out through the use of hard-boot skates. It includes different variants, as would be the case, for example, of the so-called “night skating”, which is practiced on the street. In this way, the large volume of traffic and pedestrians is avoided, which means that it is possible to circulate on skates with much greater safety.

In the same way, we must not forget another very significant variety within skating that, in recent years, is achieving a notable increase in the number of people who practice it. It is the so-called freestyle slalom.

This consists of a variant of inline skating and consists mainly of performing different tricks, demonstrating coordination or speed, around some plastic cones that are placed one behind the other. In Europe is where this modality is achieving great success, in which both music and the skater’s technique play a fundamental role. Of course, he must also demonstrate his fluency, his rhythm and his style.

As to competence sports, skating can be developed in different ways. There are speed competitions, in which athletes participate in a race to finish first or record the shortest time. There is also the figure skating, with a jury evaluating the skaters’ pirouettes and movements. Skating also appears in sports As the roller hockey and the ice Hockey.

Likewise, we must not forget the roller derby, a roller skating sport that is typical of the United States and that is also identified by being contact, requiring great teamwork. It develops on an oval track and is usually feminine.