FirmFirm is he stroke, qualification or graphic that an individual writes by hand on a documentation with the intention of conferring validity or expressing his agreement.

The signature allows identify the creator or recipient of the document. Through said drawing, it is possible to verify the integrity of the contained data.

You can distinguish between the handwritten signature or autograph (the signer will develop several own and personal traits that identify him), the digital signature (a signature created through a technological application and based on cryptography) and the signature in the publications of Internet (a content of little length that is linked to the messages that a user publishes in the Web and that can include images).

This last type of signature is usually used in bank accounts. email, usually by professionals, as it consists of a few lines with contact information and the title of the person. An example would be “Juan Pérez, Graphic Designer,”. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is possible to include an image, such as a business logo or some decoration. In addition, by using HTML code you can adjust the size of the characters, as well as their style (bold, italic) and even their font. All of these possibilities vary by provider, although they are quite common.

The digital signature, on the other hand, it is used to verify the validity of a digitally sent package, such as a personal file or a app commercial. Basically, it assures whoever receives it that it is an original product, whose creation belongs to whoever is shown as the sender and that it has not undergone any type of alteration throughout the shipment. It is very common, however, for the operating system to warn the user of the absence of a digital signature when they want to install a program, since not all developers take advantage of this security technique. This does not mean, it is worth clarifying, that it is illegal or malicious software; Not containing this certification may be the simple result of a lack of Will or thinking that it is not necessary for a certain product.

FirmAs with handwritten signatures, outside the scope of computers, digital does nothing but ensure the integrity of a computer package; does not indicate in any way that the use of the file or program is beneficial to the computer or that it is a premium product quality. Returning to the detection of absence of signature, the operating system tries to convey that this is synonymous with danger and feeds the feeling of mistrust towards everything that does not expose the name of one of the popular brands. On the other hand, it is these large companies that generate discontent, complaints and ridicule in millions of users, who finally migrate to the underworld independent development and open source.

Some example sentences: “I need you to leave your signature on these three pages so I can give you the car key”, “They paid me with a check but I did not notice a detail: the signature was missing “, “Roberto went to a lender who gives loans to a single signature”, “Yesterday I registered on that website: I am the user who has a photo of Maradona in his signature”.

By this concept it is also usually understood the act of signing a series of documents for the closing of some type of transaction, generally important and that affects more than one person: “With the signature of the mayor, the city was credited with a new computer system to manage its parks”, “The signing of the forward took place this morning and, a few hours later, he was already training with his new teammates”.

Another use of the notion of signature has to do with the name or the business name Of a company. In this sense, company, company and firm are synonyms: “A computer firm was accused by the government of evading taxes”, “The old building on the avenue was acquired by a firm dedicated to the production of cosmetics”.