In Latin it is where the etymological origin of the term that now occupies us is found. Specifically, we can say that it emanates from the Latin word “sidewalk”, which can be translated as “way or way.”

Sidewalk is a concept with different meanings according to the context or to the geographical location. On Spain, a sidewalk is a narrow path that is usually created from the traffic of pedestrians and livestock.

SidewalkThese roads They are part of what is known as cattle trails, which link grazing areas so that peasants can move their livestock and take advantage of the best pastures in each region. It is estimated that Spain It has about 125,000 kilometers of trails, which represents 1% of its territory. For example: “I was walking along the sidewalk with the cows when I heard the explosion”, “The path is blocked by the trees that fell during the storm”, “The goats moved slowly along the path, driven by the young shepherd”.

Precisely in Spain it is worth highlighting what is known as the Vereda de la Estrella. It is a beautiful hiking route that exists in the area of ​​the province of Granada, more precisely in the Sierra Nevada.

Of this route, it should also be noted that it has an extension of 21 kilometers, that its difficulty is low and that there can be a difference in altitude of up to 604 meters. It was put into operation at the end of the 19th century with the clear objective that it would serve as a means of communication between what was the Genil valley and the pyrite and galena mines that existed in the area.

Today it has become a path of great tourist attraction for hikers. And it is that when visiting that they can not only practice sports but also know spectacular environmental corners such as the Barranco de San Juan, the centennial chestnut tree called “El Abuelo” or the Cuerda de los Tresmiles.

In countries like Argentina, chili, Peru Y Uruguay, a sidewalk is a sidewalk (the part of the urban road that is located on the sides of the street and that allows pedestrian traffic). The sidewalk, in this sense, is the pedestrian path that is located between the building line and the street: “Parents must teach children that they do not have to get off the sidewalk as they can be run over by cars”, “The sidewalks are all broken: it is very difficult to walk through this neighborhood without tripping”, “The car went up to the sidewalk and rammed some children who were playing at the door of a house”.

The sidewalks are part of the public space and must meet various accessibility requirements so that all citizens can use them without difficulties. The ramps to facilitate the advancement of wheelchairs are necessary so that people with reduced mobility can move around the town.

In addition to this, we would have to highlight the fact that colloquially we also resort to the use of the term at hand to shape certain expressions. Thus, for example, there is the verbal phrase “make someone enter the sidewalk”, which is used to record that a person has been forced to fulfill the duties they have.