A vessel it’s a type of boat. The term has its origin in French buc, which translates as “helmet”. These boats have the necessary structure to develop extensive trips.

VesselShips, therefore, are vessels that have a wide coverThey are resistant, have good stability and can navigate at high speed. This allows them to undertake navigations that extend over a considerable period of time.

For instance: “In the 1940s, the writer left by ship for Europe and returned to his homeland only fifteen years later”, “The tragedy was unleashed when the ship hit an oil platform”, “The cargo is already on top of the ship and will arrive tomorrow at its destination”.

It must be made clear that there is a great variety of vessels such as the following:
• Coastal ship, which is the one that carries out the navigation that gives it its name.
• Well vessel. It is identified by the fact that it does not have a cover in what would be the battery area.
• Cargo ship, the one that is waiting moored in the port to receive cargo.
• Propeller ship. This receives this name because precisely a propeller is responsible for moving it.
• Transport ship, is the one that, fundamentally in times of war, is in charge of transporting utensils for the fight as well as men.
• Sailing ship, which works thanks to the power and energy of the wind.
• Steamship, which has its engine in a steam engine.
• School ship. Within the Navy of any country, this type of boat takes on special prominence since it comes to serve as the most appropriate center where the marine guards receive their instruction.

In relation to this last type of boat, it should be noted that in Spain there is the Juan Sebastián Elcano School Ship, which bears the name of the explorer who completed the first round the world in 1522.

It was launched in 1927 and during its history it has had as marine guards, receiving training, the last two kings of the country: Juan Carlos I, who was part of the crew during 1958, and Felipe VI, during 1987.

According to their purpose, there are different types of ships. The merchat vessel It is one that is dedicated to transporting merchandise or passengers. Within this broad group it is possible to name the oil tankers (conditioned to move Petroleum and various products derived from it), the general cargo ships (they transport all kinds of merchandise, including containers that they distribute along the deck) and the passenger ships (Like the cruise ships and other tourist boats).

The WarshipsOn the other hand, they are ships designed and manufactured to deal with a warlike confrontation. They have armaments and their structure is reinforced to tolerate a attack. When a warHowever, it is possible for a merchant ship to be equipped with weapons and thus become an additional warship to support the Navy of a country.