The first step that we are going to take in order to know the meaning of the term shed is to discover its etymological origin. Specifically, we can underline that it derives from Nahuatl and more precisely from the word “calpulli”, which can be translated as “school” or as “communal house”.

A shed, therefore, is a spacious one-story construction.

Based on what has been established, we can indicate that among the synonyms for shed there are words such as deposit, ship, cellar, warehouse, barn, barracks or pantry, for example.

ShedThe most common use of the concept refers to a place that is intended for the storage of machines or merchandise. Sheds are generally built in a rustic way and have a single door.

A shed can be a shed, a Deposit or a barn. Its design is usually very simple, since it does not seek to satisfy aesthetic criteria, but rather to achieve functionality. Sheds can be used for multiple purposes, from accumulating tools to rearing animals, through the development of various industrial or labor activities.

A family You can store in your shed a variety of items that you don’t use frequently: an old piece of furniture, an old TV, a toolbox, children’s toys that have grown up, etc. A rural worker, meanwhile, can leave the elements that he uses in his daily work in a shed, keeping them there at the end of each day.

Large sheds can also be used for host events (concerts, plays) u organize fairs or exhibitions. In these cases, it is important that those responsible take care of the security conditions so that the attendees are not at risk. If a emergencyTo cite one case, the exit of the public must be guaranteed quickly.

In addition to all the above, we have to emphasize another series of data of interest about the shed, such as the following:
-Basically it is established that, taking into account the materials used in its construction, there are four main types of sheds: metallic or tubest, concrete, reticulated and wooden.
-When determining the dimensions of a shed to be able to lift it, aspects such as length, width, separation between frames, slope and even what is known as useful height are taken into account. However, of course, it is also essential to pay attention to what it is going to be used for.
-Among the best-known warehouses in history, we can highlight the Palacio de Moctecuma, because that was how Fernández de Oviedo defined it back in the 16th century, specifically in the year 1535.
-In Latin America is where this word is used the most, while in Spain its synonyms are used.