Sheath it’s a finished whose etymological origin is found in a Latin word that can be translated as “bag”. It is called a sheath coat wave cover which enables wrap something to protect and store it.

SheathFor example: “I can’t find my phone case”, “The pants that I used in my wedding I have kept in a cover so that it does not deteriorate”, “When I go on a trip for several weeks, I usually cover the TV with a cover to protect it”.

The covers can prevent ingress of dirt or humidity Y mitigate eventual shocks and impacts. They also cover the product of the direct sun exposure.

Cases are often used to protect electronic devices. The cell phone cases (mobiles) and the tablet cases they are very popular. The clothingMeanwhile, it is sometimes kept in covers.

Funda, on the other hand, can be a conjugation of the verbs found or melt. The action of founding consists of institute, create, establish or sustain something, while melt refers to melt a solid body, ruin a machine or Spend all the money.

Let’s see how the notion can be used in these cases: “Upon settling in the capital, the scientist first founds an electricity company and then associates himself with a magnate to manufacture different electronic devices”, “Your position is not based on solid arguments”, “I don’t think the cheese melts at this temperature, it is better to turn up the oven a little”, “How am I going to give you ten thousand pesos for a party? Do you want me to melt? “.