Cutting it’s a adjective that is used to qualify that or that which cuts. The verb chop, for its part, refers to making a cut with some type of tool, instrument or weapon.

CuttingThe most common use of sharp, however, is associated with what is categorical, definitive, undeniable or conclusive. For instance: “The Minister of Economy was blunt and ruled out that there will be a new devaluation in the short term”, “The man, bluntly, assured that in no way would he give his daughter permission to attend the dance”, “The company was blunt in the face of consumer complaints”.

Suppose there is a rumor about the resignation of the president of a club. Several newspapers and magazines publish information in this regard, citing different sources. However, when offering a press conference, the manager expresses: “I want to flatly deny that I am going to resign. There is no possibility that I will leave the club before the end of my term. I have an assumed commitment that I do not intend to break for the world. “. Before these words, journalists can refer to a sharp denial of the president of the institution.

On the other hand, if the same manager had said “For now I am not going to make any statements about it, I am analyzing the situation and I am going to make the best decision for the club. In the next few days I will have news to announce “, it could not be said that it is a clear definition of the Presidentas it leaves many doors open. The blunt is always conclusive and explicit.

In recent times in Spain, the term that now occupies us has been made frequent use. Specifically, it has been used within what is the field of politics to refer to the position of certain party leaders who have been absolutely reluctant to agree with other parliamentary groups, which has led to the need to repeat the general elections.

Thus, for example, we can state that Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos, has adopted a blunt stance when it comes to stating that he had no intention of reaching an agreement with the Citizens group in order to get Pedro Sánchez, leader of the PSOE, could become President of Congress.

A blunt and absolutely negative stance that Sánchez himself has later expressed and established to prevent Mariano Rajoy, leader of the PP, from becoming president basically due to the alleged cases of corruption that have taken place within his group.

To all of the above we can add that many parents make the decision to maintain a really decisive position with respect to their children to avoid that they can question the decisions they make regarding departure times with friends or the rules that must be fulfilled at home. Specifically, they choose to be firm and blunt because they consider that it is the way for minors to respect and abide by their measures, thus avoiding conflict.