Before proceeding to know the meaning of the term segment, we must discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from the vulgar Latin “galleus”, which, in turn, derives from “galla”, which can be translated as “prominence” or “gall”.

That term gall (outgrowth) of a tree. The concept is used to refer to various parts into which certain fruits are divided.

SegmentLet us remember that a fruit is a product of a plant that allows the protection of seeds and that, in many cases, it is edible. This structure of the fruit that covers the seeds is called pericarp, in turn composed of three layers: the epicarp, the mesocarp and the endocarp.

The endocarp is the cap more internal, which has different consistencies depending on the type of plant. In fruits like tangerine, the lemon and the Orange, the endocarp is divided into sections known as segments.

In short, it can be said that the segments are the pieces in which, naturally, certain fragments are fruit. If we remove the shell of a tangerineTo cite one case, we will find numerous segments adhered to each other, but which can be easily separated. Something similar happens with oranges.

In the same way, it can also be said that there is another fruit that also has segments. Thus, for example, a bunch of grapes is made up of different segments.

Also, there are more foods with this particularity that concerns us. This would be the case of garlic. These are presented in heads and these can be opened and decomposed into different segments or garlic cloves.

In addition, within the scope of the kitchen it is also very common to talk about potato wedges. These, which are usually offered fried or roasted, have the peculiarity that they are thicker than traditional French fries. And it is that when cutting them they are cut differently from these.

They also respond to the name “deluxe” potatoes and can be used as a starter for any lunch or dinner, if they are spicy, or they can be used as a garnish for different recipes of both meat and fish.

Currently, it is common that in fast food restaurants where the main food is the hamburger, potatoes are already offered to accompany two types: the segment and the traditional french fries.

The notion of segment can also be used with reference to a branch that emerges from the trunk of a tree to or a cutting (the fragment of a plant that a person intentionally separates in order to achieve the reproduction of the plant in question). An individual can obtain a segment of a stem to introduce it into the ground and cause it to take root. Little by little, a plant identical to the original will grow.