Is called sedentarization to the act and consequence of sedentarizing. East verb (to sedentarize), meanwhile, refers to making someone become sedentary.

SedentaryBefore proceeding with the idea sedentarization, it is important to indicate that a sedentary people is the one who it is settled in a particular place, unlike a nomadic group. A sedentary person, meanwhile, performs little physical activity.

According to anthropology, sedentarization is the process that a community develops by abandoning nomadic life and adopting the sedentary lifestyle. Sedentarization can be associated with the establishment of the first cities, which were born about ten thousand years ago.

Sedentarization is understood as a historical process that began with those pioneering cities and continues to the present day. Today the vast majority of towns they are sedentary: they settle in one place.

Despite the lasting effects of sedentarization, it is important to bear in mind that human beings lived longer in nomadism, from prehistoric phases to the consolidation of agriculture. The agricultural practices, in fact, were key in the sedentarization and in the organization of the cities.

Beyond these issues of the anthropology and history, currently people speak of sedentarization to refer to the transition to a lifestyle characterized by lack of physical exercise. There are societies that are going through a sedentary period linked to the adoption of new technologies: more and more people satisfy their needs without leaving their home. This sedentarization causes various health problems, such as the increase in obesity.