From Latin secrētus, a secret it is something hidden, hidden and separated from the knowledge of others. The secret, therefore, is ignored by most of the persons, except for those who share the secret.

SecretThere are secrets of different kinds and that arise in different situations. A secret may consist of hiding information or be linked to a lie. For instance: Esteban confesses to George that you are about to buy a house but ask you not to tell anyone. Esteban and GeorgeTherefore, they share a secret. If someone else asks George if you have any news of Juan and he answers no, the secret also implies the existence of a lie.

In the field of literature, secrets have played a very important role when authors write mystery and suspense novels. Thus, for example, many are the works of the British Ágatha Christie that precisely are based on the existence of a series of secrets so that all kinds of plots and crimes take place. This would be the case, for example, of the book entitled “Diez negritos”.

However, not only those for the mystery literary genre have been important but also for other types of narratives such as the case of the work entitled “The Secret.” The writer Rhonda Byrne was the one who published it with enormous success in 2006 and it has become a series of positive thoughts and attitudes that help us achieve our purposes and goals.

In this way, this author develops a whole series of mechanisms so that, in the face of any adversity, we can move forward and achieve the success we crave both professionally and personally.

Beyond the domestic or everyday sphere of people, secrets also exist in the most important spheres of the world. can. In these cases, it is often referred to as classified or sensitive information that is hidden from the majority of the population for strategic reasons or for security. May exist Confidentiality agreements, oaths and other mechanisms that try to guarantee that the secret in question will not be violated.

A member of the military who has information about the defending of your country must keep the secret. Otherwise, such information could fall into enemy hands and pose a great risk to the nation.

All this without forgetting that in the field of journalism there is also what is known as professional secrecy. Basically with this, what is established is that the journalist, in the exercise of his work, has the right not only not to reveal his sources but also to remain silent about the way in which he has obtained certain information.

However, it is important to know that not all countries accept that one. Thus, for example, it is not respected in the United States or in France.

The Business they also keep secrets. In general, it is the information that gives them a competitive advantage over the competition. The secret formula of a drink or the algorithm of a software are examples of corporate secrets.