An uncertain etymological origin seems to be that it has the word scourge. And it is that it is considered that it could possibly emanate from the pracrite “lakkha”, from which the Latin term “lacca” and later the Portuguese word “lacre” derived.

A scourge it’s a vice, whether physical or moral, which marks the person who has it. In some Latin American countries, the term is used to refer to the depraved or evil person.

ScourgeFor instance: “Alcohol is a social scourge that threatens public health”, “He is a good boy, but he must carry a scourge from his childhood”, “Do not approach that man, he is a scourge that will hurt you”.

The meaning of scourge varies according to the country and the jargon in question. In Argentina, a scourge can be a stingy person (greedy) or someone who is regarded as a social parasite, which does not contribute to the common good but takes advantage of others: “Don’t be a scum and buy a gift for your girlfriend”, “Workers do not have to keep those scourges that live without making an effort”.

Lacra can also be a social scourge that affects the normal and healthy development of a community: “Child exploitation is a scourge that we have to fight together”.

At present it is considered that in the world there are many social scourges that are affecting the quality of life and the well-being of citizens. Thus, for example, among those, both gender violence and pedophilia stand out, as well as political corruption, which has been increasing progressively in recent years.

In the same way, it is established that the individuals who carry out any of the aforementioned evils have in common a series of personality characteristics. Among them, they would highlight that they always criticize and demean others, that they have the ability to continually talk about themselves, that they do not respect others, that they are not tolerant of others …

All the aforementioned flaws are considered to be part of a 21st century in which other modalities of those are also established. Specifically, it is established that unfortunately there are also some that are already creeping up on previous stages, such as racism and even homophobia.

Of course, it should not be overlooked that unemployment would also be on that same list, which due to economic crisis and corruption, has become an evil that is affecting millions of people around the world, even leading to poverty line.

Indiscreet (in Colombia), belonging to the lowest social class (in Costa Rica), bad person (in Ecuador) and malviviente (in Mexico Y Nicaragua) are other meanings that can be attributed to the notion of scourge: “Carlos is a scourge who told our secrets at the party”, “My parents would be horrified if I told them that I was dating a scourge”, “That scourge that attacked the girl must be in prison”, “A scourge stole my grandfather’s retirement”.