The term school derives from latin schola and refers to the space that human beings attend to learn. The concept may mention the edifice in itself, to learning that develops in him, at the methodology used by the teacher or professor, or the group of teachers of an institution.

SchoolFor instance: “When I was a kid, I hated school”, “You see? That is the school where I attended Primary », “Juan says he doesn’t want to go to school today because he feels bad”.

It is possible to find the term school with concrete meanings (physical) or symbolic (abstract). Expressions like “The storm destroyed the roof of the school” or “Next week they will paint the school” refer to the material school, while phrases like «I am the person that I am thanks to the school» or “I feel nostalgic for my school days” they have another kind of connotation.

In general, schools can be divided into public schools (free access and managed by the State) and Private schools (whose administration responds to companies or private individuals that charge fees to students for educational services provided).

However, it should be noted that, in addition to this general classification, we can carry out many others based, for example, on the type of students they have or the subjects they deal with. Thus one can speak of schools for seniors. Normally these are characterized by having as students adult citizens who have training deficiencies and who take advantage of the classes at these centers to learn to read or write as well as to advance in their studies.

Regarding the subjects they deal with, we can find what are called schools of arts and crafts. As their name indicates, these educational institutions, more than general subjects that are addressed in formal education, what they are in charge of is teaching their students everything related to a specific profession. More precisely, it is common for classes to focus on “manual trades” such as carpentry, masonry, blacksmithing …

Within that same classification we can establish the existence of artistic schools where what students do is learn everything related to an “artistic” discipline such as music, dance or theater.

In the field of art, the school defines the group formed by the followers, admirers or trainees of an individual who acts as a teacher or source of inspiration. The term is also used to group all the works that belong to the same style or that have the same origin: “He is one of the greatest exponents of the neoclassical school”, “I consider myself part of the borgian school”, “The singer was trained in the school of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones”.

To all this we can add that there is a series of concepts that use the word at hand as an integral part of them. In this way we can talk about what is known as a school farm, a space where the intention is to teach both what are the agricultural tasks that are carried out in a place and the process of caring for the animals that exist there.