The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in his dictionary, recognizes several uses of the term climb. These meanings can be divided into two large groups: on the one hand we find those linked to climbing as verb, while on the other hand there are the meanings of scaling as adjective and how noun.

In the first case, scalar usually refers to climb or climb. In this way, whoever climbs goes to a higher level, reaches a high place or reaches a higher level. height.

Ice wall

To climb it is necessary to use various implements and accessories.

Climbing as a sport or recreational activity

Many times the idea of ​​scaling is used in reference to the practice consisting of ascending by appealing to physical dexterity to arrive at top of a mountain or the highest sector of a wall. In this process, the person makes use of their feet, legs, arms and hands to support themselves and go up.

Climbing involves a vertical displacement. In general, to go to the top of a high mountain, it is not enough to walk or jump: in different sections it becomes essential to climb, climbing rocky walls or from ice.

Since climbing is a risky activity, it is essential to use helmet and various mechanisms and devices of security, What strings, harness and pegs. These teams aim to reduce the possibility of falling and, eventually, mitigate the damage that the climber can suffer.


Climbing mountains is a risky activity.

A symbolic rise

It should be noted that the action of scaling can also be used to mention a symbolic movement: someone climbs when goes up positions, accessing privileged places or to which the majority of human beings do not reach.

Take the case of a professional tennis player that the year begins in the position 425 of the ranking of the ATP. Six months later, thanks to several resounding triumphs and having consecrated champion in three tournaments, the player is placed in the position 3. 4. Against this background, it can be said that the athlete managed to climb in the ranking.

Sometimes the notion of scaling has a negative connotation. This occurs if the subject who ascends or ascends does so by appealing to tricks or to a little behavior ethics. If an employee becomes a manager by betraying his colleagues, to mention one possibility, someone could accuse him of having escalated at the expense of other workers.

A scalar magnitude

In the field of physical, it is indicated that a magnitude it is climb when has no direction. Therefore, its expression is made with a single module and presents the same value for any observer.

A single number or coordinate, in this way, is necessary for the representation of the scalar quantity, beyond the reference system. The mass and the temperature are examples of scalar quantities (or of scalars, since the adjective can also be used as a noun).

The notion in mathematics and computer science

In the field of math, is called scaling to complex or real number that allows the description of a phenomenon that has magnitude but lacks direction. At the formal level, a scalar is a tensor (a type of algebraic entity) whose rank is 0.

For the computingFinally, a scalar is a variable or a constant that presents a one-dimensional and atomic data. This particularity distinguishes them from objects, the lists and the vector, whose structures are in a position to house more than one value.