A sawmill It is an establishment where the sawn from the wood. Sawn, meanwhile, is the sawing or sawing process: sectioning or cutting with a saw (a tool equipped with a serrated blade).

SawmillSawmills carry out the transformation of tree trunks into boards and in other pieces of wood. After this first transformation, the product It is sent to another industry or sector where the changes continue.

In ancient times, the sawing of the wood was carried out manually. Usually two men were in charge of dividing the logs appealing to the use of a bow saw. Then, thanks to the power saws mobilized through mills, sawmills arose.

Those primitive sawmills were located near watercourses because of the need for mills for moving the saws. This location also contributed to the transfer of the wood.

The invention of steam engine It was key to advance in the mechanization of tasks. The sawmills, in this framework, fed boilers with the chips. Already at the end of twentieth century, the sawmills began to operate with electric power and incorporating various types of technological advances.

Ultimately, it can be said that sawmills constitute a fundamental part of the wood industry which begins with the planting of trees and ends with the production and distribution of multiple items. Without sawmills, it would not be possible to manufacture furniture nor the construction of households made of wood, for example.