The concept of Health Register can be understood in different ways according to the country. In some regions, this is the documentation which includes the data of a food product. This document is processed before a State body: for this process, the producer must present laboratory tests that demonstrate the quality and conditions of what they produce.

Health RegisterIn general, the sanitary registry is required for all those foods that involve a transformation of the raw material and that are stored, packaged and distributed for their commercialization.

The sanitary registration implies a recognition of the product in question by the Condition, which grants the registration once it has verified that the food complies with all legal requirements in terms of quality, condition, etc. Thanks to the sanitary registry, the control and surveillance of food products are easier since it works with a single coding system.

In this sense, it is considered that both the people or companies that are dedicated to preparing it as well as those that store it, the companies that then proceed to its distribution, and the entities that are in charge of importing it are obliged to request the sanitary registration of food. and its export.

In order to obtain the aforementioned registry, it is necessary for the relevant health authorities to visit the facilities of the company in question beforehand. In this way, they will review the premises and study and analyze that they have all the necessary hygienic-sanitary conditions in them, which do not endanger either the preparation of the food itself or the health of the final consumers.

But not only that, the authorities that proceed to undertake that visit will also check that the companies have the relevant traceability plan.

Companies that decide not to comply with current regulations in this regard and that market their products without having the relevant health registration must know that they will have to face different sanctions.

In other countries, the notion of health registration is linked to authorization that must process medicines, medical equipment, medical supplies, surgical supplies, prostheses and other products related to hygiene and Health.

It is known as Industrial Sanitary Registry yet organ that exists in the Spanish administration. This office is in charge of registering the establishments that are dedicated to the food industry.

The Industrial Sanitary RegistryTherefore, it is a Spanish registry of companies and products whose management is carried out by the health authorities. Each business has a number of Industrial Sanitary Registry that supposes its identification.

It should be noted that this body, which also responds to the name of RSI, is national in nature, although its management is carried out by what are the health authorities of each of the different autonomous communities that the country has.

Likewise, it should not be forgotten that both companies that produce food products for human consumption and those that are dedicated to products that are also related to food such as pesticides, disinfectants …